​​Directional Boring
Can bore through a wide variety of ground including rock, cobble, and clay. We restore area back to original condition or better.

Excavation & Trenching Work
Tile and culvert installation and repair.

Crane Services


Wide variety of attachments.

Cell Tower Work
Work on a wide variety of structures including water towers, smoke stacks, church steeples, rooftops, schools, hospitals,
and hotels.

Antenna & line work

Microwave point to point systems

Decom Work

Civil work


DAS  systems

Cell repeater systems

BBU replacement & installation

AAV fiber to cell

Line Sweeping

Commissioning & integration

Upgrades to cell site components

Electrical Work

Able to access remote sites all seasons

Rockford Land Works, Inc.

Rockford Land Works Services

Areas of Service

Areas of Service

Welcome to Rockford Land Works, Inc.  We have the experience and expertise to complete all projects with the highest quality possible. Our future is defined by the success of our customers. We bring safety and quality to every project.  We are able to adapt to and overcome any unique projects that we are involved in.  Our company is often used for first time installation of new equipment.

We bring all the parties together to bring the project to completion. We are looking forward to doing business with you.


Past Projects With Carriers

  • Maintenance
  • BBU upgrades
  • CCI booster upgrades
  • Site vegetation maintenance
  • Atenna upgrades
  • Decommisioning equipment at tower site
  • Crown migratory bird nest removal
  • Sprint network vision project
  • Sprint DeCom
  • Sprint 2.5 upgrades
  • T-Mobile moderization
  • T-Mobile repeater installs
  • T-Mobile 700 mhz & 1900 mhz
  • T-Mobile microwave backhaul
  • ​T-Mobile greenfield project
  • T-Mobile tiger team work
  • T-Mobile & Verizon AAV Work
  • AT&T Argus installs
  • AT&T tiger work